Tony-Seven Films is Enderby Entertainment’s genre film division.  Why a genre division?  Audiences sometimes seek out a particular type, or genres, of film, just because they want to see a new film in that genre.  The popularity of these genres often come in waves:  one year horror films do better than thrillers, the next year that could reverse itself.  The great thing about films in this category is they can be made, and made well, at surprisingly modest budgets. As long as it’s a good, entertaining picture it doesn’t matter to audiences if it lacks name brand talent in front of or behind the camera.  Yes, the film has to look good, sound good, and deliver the entertainment that the audience is looking for, but it’s far from impossible to tell a good story that looks and sounds as good on the big screen as any studio tentpole. 

The ever-increasing sophistication in digital filmmaking and similar radical advances in distribution technology have made it possible for lower budget films with equally low marketing funds and no “brand names” to find appreciative audiences all over the world.  They can do more than compete in the marketplace:  they can thrive.  Writers, directors, actors and other film artists can trace the launch of their professional careers to films of this kind – and those are exactly the kind of talented future stars Enderby wants to form relationships with now, as we like to think that once artists work with us, they’ll want to do it again. 

Many of our investors, too, are interested in learning more about the risks and rewards in the rapidly evolving motion picture marketplace with a more minimal initial exposure.  We believe that by bringing together new sources of film investment with the talented artists who will be the name-brand stars of tomorrow, Enderby Entertainment can combine good business with the pleasure of contributing, in our modest way, to the industry’s future.

A Haunting At Silver Falls: The Return

Available On Digital, On Demand, and Redbox June 4, 2019

Tony Seven Films has released it’s first sequel, a follow up to 2013’s successful A HAUNTING AT SILVER FALLS. Uncork’d Entertainment and Viva Pictures will release the horror sequel A HAUNTING AT SILVER FALLS: THE RETURN On Digital, On Demand and in Redbox June 4, 2019. The highly anticipated sequel was directed by Teo Konuralp and written by Jesse Reffsin.

“A first for the genre label Tony-Seven almost 10 years ago, we’ve been asked to explore a sequel for years and we think that Teo Konuralp and Jesse Reffsin have managed to carry on the story with a spooky take that should entertain the original fans” says executive producer Rick Dugdale from Enderby Entertainment.

A HAUNTING AT SILVER FALLS: THE RETURN stars Dendrie Taylor (“American Vandal”), Laura Flannery (Dead on Arrival), Jade Ramsey (A Haunting at Silver Falls), Nikita Ramsey (A Haunting at Silver Falls), Chris Crema (Intrigo: Dear Agnes) and Clemmie Dugdale (Cracks).